Your Spring Day…

It was a crossroad
The journey has began….
Trembling steps made her way
To the left or to the right
Breathing deep inside
She took her less traveled road….
Foots in the dark, sometime cold;
With a lantern and guitar
She followed the road….
White underneath and blue above
It is the season of snow
As she felt Christmas below….
Carving a snow man,
She sings the carol;
Making her realize
It’s only echoing her voice….
Friends and memories came in sense
She lost in those beauties
And a tinkle came out of eye….
Seeing that it’s also frozen
Gathering her; with heavy heart
She setup her foot, leaving behind
Another cold Christmas side….
She made her way and,
Continued her path
Little did she know?
The door of season she opened
Is the one she never liked the most….
Nimbus was there, dark and scary
Black circle has replaced the white cotton
Trembling feet get muddle in puddle
Not here not there,
Surely this time
The path chosen
Isn’t an easy one….
Demons of thunder, storming inside out
Clapping the lightening
To and fro
Making the soul more cry….
Snap, the light was there
And now her beloved guitar
Wasn’t anymore there…
Covering her ears closing her eyes
Hoping in hope
To find a miracle inside….
Touch of shoulder she saw
A dandelion!
Silver and shiny, twitched in the hands
Soon she followed that shiny dandelion….
Catching the pappus,
She ran in that direction
Another door, another way!
Praying for a better sight
She opened and saw the light ….
Peaking here and there
A thorn touched her feet,
She footed left further
Land was all barren in that thorny sea….
It was difficult to walk
It was difficult to feel
What all has come this way
Where all has gone in this way….
Trees are dead
She can hear the cry
Making her heart flinch
So much pain,
So much of crying….
Moving with cuts and bleed
She makes a path behind her self
Clumsy shabby behind her footprints….
She was all alone there
But still something had made a way,
Hearing little sobs,
Followed the sound
Where she saw, a blossom,
A small pink dahlia
Trying to pick up her petals from all sides….
She saw the trying,
She saw the effort
Just when the dahlia decided no more,
She ran to that floret,
Picking her, with shiny tears in eyes…
Looking her adoring her
The tears came out,
Falling off on dahlia,
Realizing it was all inside….
Mixing with those tears
Making a heart shape,
Touching the ground
Broke down all race…
She looked around again,
And saw the beauty
The garden which was lost
Have found a way alive…
All green bright, blues in the sky
Colors of the nature filling the bright sight….
No less than miracle
She has witnessed now,
A rope made golden
Is what has come to her now….
Listening to the chirps,
Singing of kukoos;
She saw her marks
Making way to grow flowers….
She grabs the rope
Directing twice
She approaches the knot
Making scene hindsight…
There was it!
It was here guitar,
Colorful and right,
Making her smile bright….
She looked at that
Taking a glance
Making a relief
The worst is over
New season has reached….
Touching the string she felt a blow
Same dandelion is on note low!
She picked the flower with light and smile
Blowing with a whistle
Scattering the tiny silvers….
They roam around here and there
Dancing to the nature
Settling around the corner
Making glitters and happier….
She felt the warmth
She felt happy,
She knew the light inside her
Is enough to carry heavy….
She again giggled
She again laughed,
And suddenly with high note
The curtain fell apart….
It was the curtain of pain, sadness, depression
That is all gone,
Now she is in the garden of tulip
Telling around the billion times
Don’t let the inside light die
It will shine and smile again
As no season is constant in any way….
She sat on the branch
Where they rejoiced her
She makes a note on guitar
And started to joy her….
Scattering dandelion, dancing tulip,
Singing dahlia, higher branches
All seeming surreal,
But all is true as she conquers her past to new….
Heard the laugh and clapping from behind
It was the friends long gone
Who are back again,
Waiting to celebrate,
And to cherishing moments with you….
All held hand and ran toward the new
As all have witnessed the new spring you….
Facing and eyeing them all
She saw the happy faces again along,
Passed all the seasons and fought all the thrones
Now it is a new season cherishes it, the most….
The light is inside we all know that
We just need to find it
Sooner we find, sooner in ways,
The seasons comes from you,
You are their destination,
At times it gets delay,
But surely one day you will find your SPRING DAY….
Sometime you get tired,
Sometimes looks defeat
But see your footprint aside
You have covered millions of miles behind…..
It will took courage to wake up,
Need to make up every day,
Don’t be sad as one day
You surely will find your SPRING DAY.
The light inside you can’t die
As it will be the one
Making you stay alight
You are not alone, more lights are there
Once the curtain will raised that day
You surely will find your SPRING DAY.

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