Rise Of Xenophobia In Western Countries

In today’s era people are migrating in large numbers to western countries for better career prospectus and life. And it has accelerated Xenophobia in the people of those countries. Xenophobia refers to fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners. The fear of losing identity and desire to eliminate their presence to secure a presumed purity often gave rise to discriminatory attitudes and behavior towards foreigners.

Such incidents has gained momentum in recent years so there is strong need to find its solution to safeguard the interest of foreign nationals.

In my opinion both government and individuals should work together to curb Xenophobia. In this article I will analyzing the problem and then will present its possible solutions.

People of different culture can appear threatening to others. Their different wear and language often get other person suspicious resulting in discriminatory attitudes, violence, abuses of all types etc. For example: In 1994 and 1995, gangs of armed youth destroyed the homes of foreign nationals living in Johannesburg.

With systematic approach of steps and measures, Xenophobia can be overcome. The foremost step is to form an authorized body to look into the matter. The hate speeches, articles and conduct should be made a punishable offence and hard rules should be made to send clear message that Xenophobia is unacceptable.

The awareness programs should also be accelerated to educate people not to discriminate or insult anyone based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. The concerned officials should address the people directly which will prevent outbursts of Xenophobia in future.

Individuals also play an important role in curbing incidents arising out of Xenophobia. We should become culturally competent and diverse. We should understand that cultural groups are not homogeneous in beliefs and practices. We must respect other’s culture and beliefs.

Now is the time that we should wage a war against discrimination and organize against Xenophobia. Social networking sites can be of great importance in this regard as they can help us in spreading awareness about the harmful effects of Xenophobia. Xenophobic incidents should be bought in front of people and marches & rallies can be organized against it.

Other possible steps can be policy of equality at workplace. Promote respect for foreigners and refugees in schools, government institutions, hospitals, companies and at public places. The intercultural programs can also be organized to discover new cultures and meet people of different country to better understand their values and beliefs.

In a nutshell, by implementing such steps, we can dealt with Xenophobia but both government and individuals should work jointly to eradicate it.


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