HCS Mains Exam Date 12 AUGUST 2023


Our program comprises a total of 16 Tests, carefully curated to cover all the crucial aspects of the HCS Mains exam. These tests are thoughtfully divided into four categories, ensuring that you gain proficiency in different areas:

  • 4 Tests of English Language
  • 4 Tests of Hindi Language
  • 4 Full-Length General Studies (GS) Tests
  • 4 Sectional GS Tests


  1. Dr. Aamir Amin (JKPSC interview three times, JRF Qualified, PhD in International Relations, Essay Expert).
  2. Kapil Sharma (UPSC interview 3 times, Philosophy Optional, working as a GS faculty in prestigious institutes in ORN)
  3. Vinay Kaushik (Working as mentor for CSE GS and PSIR Optional in prestigious institutes in ORN, cleared CDS,CAPF two times)
  4. Aseema Bahlwal (Masters from IIT Roorkee, JRF Qualified, English Faculty)
  5. Dr. Saurabh Maurya (Research Scholar (Hindi), JRF Qualified)
  6. Aakash Sheoran (Faculty for Haryana Special Questions, Selected SI in Haryana Police)
  7. Himani Dagar(Working as GS faculty in prestigious Insitute, Mentor & Management Faculty )
  8. Pankaj Dagar (Working as Science faculty in prestigious Insitute)
  9. Rohit Rana (MA English, B.Ed, Working as an evaluator in DU)

🔎 Detailed Evaluation

Our experienced evaluators will thoroughly assess your answers, providing valuable insights, highlighting your strengths, and offering constructive suggestions for improvement. This personalized evaluation will help you identify areas that require more attention and enable you to refine your answer writing skills effectively.

 📝 Model Answers

Our team of experts has carefully crafted each question and its explanation in the form of model answers to provide you with in-depth understanding of the concepts. Model Answers for Hindi Language Paper will not be provided, we’re providing personal guidance for the same.

🤝 Free 24/7 Individual On-Call Mentorship

At Reignite HCS, we believe in providing unmatched support to our students. That’s why we offer free 24/7 individual on-call mentorship to all our program participants. Our team of expert mentors, available round the clock, will be there to guide and support you. Whether you have doubts, need clarifications, or seek guidance on specific topics, our mentors will provide personalized attention and valuable pointers for all your answers.

🌟 Proven Success

We take immense pride in the success of our students. Last year, 18 students who were part of our program successfully cleared the HCS Mains exam. Out of them, an impressive 10 were finally selected and became HCS officers. These remarkable results validate the effectiveness of our program and our commitment to your success.

🔔 Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your answer writing skills and achieve your dream of becoming an HCS officer. Join Reignite HCS Prabuddha Mains Test Series Program today and pave the way for a successful career in civil services.

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