Dreams: Wife or Girlfriend

I saved this world a number of times when I was small. From a zombie apocalypse to an alien invasion. Experiences were just awesome. And most of us did save this world. Sometimes, you saved this world on your bed, sometimes,  looking at your crush and cultivating the feeling of being heroic in front of him/her. It doesn’t matter. 

Childhood Dream

But something happens as you grow up. Actually, grown-up folks weave complicated, colorful, wonderful dreams every day. They do. But they think it’s never going to happen. They stop believing in their dreams. And they kill their dreams one by one. 

Dreams are not just dreams, folks. You feel that living in a dream world is funny or childish. That car which you use blindly was once a dream of someone. That ‘smartphone’ you use was once a dream. That pair of shoes which is looking right at you was once a dream. And people still feel it is childish. 

Dreams walk with you every time. They don’t care about who you were last week or last year. They care about what you are becoming. They heal you every time you face bad moments. That’s why those people recommend you to remember your dreams when you get knocked down. 

People often seek motivation. They seek, they find, they feel, they lose and the cycle goes on and on the last day when they count their last moments, they stop seeking motivation and say, “What if I could’ve done that? Then my life would’ve been totally different.” They realize the power of their dreams when they can’t do anything. 

So, dream. Just dream. 

The motivation may make you work. But a right work motivates you every time.

Dream. Execute. Hustle.

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