Start Living

two women sitting on ground near bonfire

There are approx. 7.8 billion people on planet Earth. Why do we think that it’s only me who is in suffering? Why do we believe that only I have an addiction? Troubles? Problems?

How can we let one incident or one person ruin our day or even entire life? or billions of stars in the galaxy and yet we used to think that one affects our daily processes?

We should try to redress our balance and remember that everyone is unique, nothing is common and nothing is exceptional, what we do is what make our lives the way it is! Always recall the best things that have happened in our life, the things that made us smile- even for a moment. 

Never worry of what could go wrong or could have gone wrong. In what awful ways could it all fall apart? What disastrous chain of events might unveil? Instead, we should open the floodgates of our lives and allow ourselves to be swept away.

And why to actually worry if something was in past? can we change it now?  even why worry for future when we don’t  know what it holds? Do we know how long will anyone of us live? No! Then why to worry! If anything troubling us in present then we can do something about it.  And why to worry even if we can’t handle it?

In the process of our depressing little thoughts and exercises which comprises of a sufficient number of negative outlook(s), even the happiest moments in life can become a source of anxiety and stress. When we worry, we become preoccupied with an aspect of our life, desperately trying to anticipate what might go wrong and what might happen if it does.

Although we may believe worrying is a constructive little exercise, but actually it  lowers our mood and we feel depressed. Also it doesn’t stop the bad stuff from happening, instead it stops you from enjoying all the good stuff in life. So, stop worrying and start living!

 “worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.” 


  1. No one talk on such topics. Very beautifully traced this issue.I read it again and again.when I started worrying I’ll read this Feeling motivated. Thank you so much 🙏😍

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