Cabin Fever

a woman in brown coat looking outside the window

People are going stir-crazy nowadays. Many of us have been compelled to stay indoors for nearly three months now. Initially, we enjoyed the experience. But, after a while, we started to get restless. Some of us got irritated. Children were also forced to stay indoors and many of them generated a feeling of restlessness or depression because of this prolonged confinement. But if the problem with COVID-19 continues, we’ll need to learn how to cope with people going stir-crazy.

Do you know about the expression cabin-fever? It has more or less the same meaning as stir-crazy. It was initially used to refer to the restlessness that one felt because of confinement — especially, during winter. But nowadays, it’s used in all contexts. Like, after staying at home for six weeks, children started to develop cabin fever and they’ve a difficult time coping with it.


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