Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Caves paintings at the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are sure to blow your mind and let you establish connection with your roots ; As these caves being more than 30,000 years old.

Surrounded by dense forests and flaunting a rugged canvas, Bhimbetka Caves of Madhya Pradesh find solace amidst lofty quartzite rocks and craggy cliffs. Far from the modern urbanization, the entire setting seems to retain the overwhelming charm of the Stone Age.

Bhimbetka Caves are located in the state of Madhya Pradesh at the southern end of the Vindhyas Range.

The rock shelters are a part of the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary in the district of Raisen, boasting of lush green flora and rich fauna.

Bhimbetka rock shelters are mainly famous for depicting the man’s experimentation with creativity during different periods, including Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Chalcolithic, Early Historic and Medieval. 

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Interesting Facts and Highlights

  • Use of White and Red colours, along with the hints of yYllow, Ochre and Green.
  • Colours used for the paintings were prepared from Manganese, Hematite, Red Stone and Wooden Coal. Vegetable colours, leaf extracts and animal fat was also used.
  • Plant fibre was used for the painting brushes.
  • Rock Shelters at Bhimbetka hold connection with Bhima, the second of the five Pandavas from the great epic Mahabharata. The name literally translates to the sitting place of Bhima (Bhima’s baithak).
  • Recorded as a Buddhist Site in the 19th century Archaeological Records of India.
  • UNESCO designated it the status of World Heritage Site, bringing it on the international map as the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka.

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